2021 Social Media Trends… Loading

To say that we’ve all spent a lot of time on social media this year is an understatement. Brands are using these platforms to advertise their products and connect directly with customers. Here are our top 8 social media trends to watch for the rest of 2021.

#1 Hey, Influencer!

Whether it’s offering inspirational life advice, following fashion trends, or reviewing new products as they’re released, influencers grasp their audience by providing a niche perspective. Brands are increasingly using these large audiences to their advantage by offering discount codes to followers and free products to influencers. We love a good ole win-win!

#2 See It. Like It. Buy It.

The buying and selling of products are shifting to the ‘gram and platforms alike. More businesses are embracing the use of social media/ digital storefronts to advertise and sell their goods. This feature is generally more accessible to users, too. Just a click (or five) and those heels are yours!

#3 Swipe for More 

Creating carousel posts can increase engagement and reach as your followers are likely to save them (and revisit) or repost them to their own feed. Not only can carousel posts add depth to your feed, but they give you the flexibility to post a variety without spamming your content consumers.

#4 We Meme Business

When done tastefully, a classic meme can boost your content to the next level. They provide a sense of friendly, comedic relief making it a win-win for engagement. Keep in mind there’s a time and place for humor, just not all the time.

 #5 Take My Word…

Picture this. Video playing. Volume up… in public? I speak for everyone when I say automated captions are hot. Your viewer won’t be that guy on the flight and still get the message. This trend also encourages companies to cater to individuals with disabilities or impairments that might usually be excluded from consuming this type of content.

 #6 Keep it “Reel”

It’s hard to ignore the influence of Tik Tok or Instagram Reels in the virtual space. These short-form videos appear anywhere there’s an audience these days. And when one goes viral, the impact is huge. Tik Tok continues to captivate the world with creativity, quirky and random videos, whether it’s a viral dance, smooth transition work, or some comedic relief, they grasp the attention of a large audience. Start inspiring your next gen. of consumers!

 #7 Inclusion Starts with ‘I’

More brands are using their platforms to bring awareness to impactful social issues. This strategy is powerful for consumers because it’s a way to gauge whether the company is worth investing in.  Encourage education, awareness and involvement spotlights in your social strategy.

#8 Just Be Yourself

Authenticity online isn’t just for celebrities and influencers- brands can be an “open book” too! Being open and honest to your followers is a surefire way to build presence and create lasting connections. Brands can hop on this trend through storytelling captions and transparent convos.

With these trends in hand, you’ll be set for the future of social media marketing. Check out our platforms here.

Jenica Sabelstrom, Copywriter and Producer & Hayden Gray, Copywriter