Agency Life Through the Changing Seasons

Agency Life Through the Changing Seasons

I’ve always felt I have the best seat in the house here at JP Marketing. From my desk in the lobby, I enjoy seeing my amazing co-workers come and go each day and welcoming our incredible clients and vendors to our office. Amidst the comings and goings, I also have the opportunity to witness change both inside the office and out.

Grow As We Go

Throughout the year, projects shift course quickly, and our team continues to work day in and day out, evolving and growing their skills with every new season. As a result, the final products are often beautiful creations with a profound purpose. Yet, it can often be a challenge to find the time to reflect on the subtle transformations that take place all around us.

To me, the start of a new season is a chance to stop and appreciate those transformations and look ahead with hope and excitement for what comes next. That’s exactly what we do at JP! Our team celebrates milestones at the end of each season, so we always have something to look forward to next. Whether we’re celebrating “Creating Wins and Cultivating Relationships” or the ever-changing landscape of our industry, we always make a point to gather together as a group to reflect and embrace change to ensure we’re ready to push the boundaries for our clients.

As a member of the Operations Team, I support the planning and prep for some of these seasonal gatherings that help our team keep growing and going. Here’s a recap of some of our favorite events throughout the year:

Fall Festivities

As summer slowly fades into fall, our crew typically prepares a Fall Harvest Party. What better place to celebrate harvest season than here in the Central Valley?! We are privileged to have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables in our own “backyard,” not just in the fall but all year long. Last year, we cultivated a cozy gathering space for our guests to enjoy fresh seasonal fare from our ag clients across the Valley while welcoming all members of our JP community to join in on the festivities.

To continue this season of thankfulness this time of year, we also gather as a company to honor our staff members’ hard work and dedication at our annual team dinner. And, of course, fall at JP wouldn’t be complete without our employee pumpkin decorating and Halloween costume contests!

Winter Wonderland

As we transition into the cooler, shorter winter days, our office takes on a warmth and sparkle as we prepare for the holidays and the JP anniversary! The lobby is like a workshop, where our office elves love to congregate and plan merriment. December is truly a magical month here at JP, with so much to celebrate!

Maybe this is because our lobby is also where our big Christmas tree is on display, illuminated with lights and adorned with ornaments. It is so beautiful that even the Grinch would approve! Then, when the tree trimming is complete, our Secret Santas become sneaky little devils, leaving little treats and gifts for their unknowing co-workers.

Springing Forward

Our team springs forward into blossom season here in the Central Valley, anticipating our annual Cinco de Mayo celebration. (Or, depending on the calendar year, our Quatro de Mayo celebration!) As party planning buzzes from brainstorming to fruition, we welcome one in all to our fiesta, complete with decorations, delicious tacos, margaritas, and fun for the whole JP family!

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” — Alan W. Watts

I’m always amazed (but never surprised) at how well our team collaborates by sharing ideas, listening, and making things happen. We genuinely join in on the dance together, embracing change as we waltz through the seasons.

As we wrap up the summer months and head into fall, we remind ourselves that each client and each project is like a new season for us. We never know what possibilities are about to walk through the front door of our lobby, but we know that our team is always ready to embrace the next opportunity. The seasons may flash by faster each year, but there is so much beauty in watching our talented team grow, create, and succeed. From where I sit, I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Karen Scott, Administrative Assistant