Cuatro de Mayo Party at JP Marketing

May the Guac be With You! Cuatro de Mayo, JP Style

Come On Lady, 8 Pound Guac

It’s a long-time tradition of JP’s to have a Cinco de Mayo-themed party. We look forward to our margarita machine every single year, just ask the team. What the party looks like however has changed throughout the years.

Our parties are both inside and outside to give as much space as possible for people attending. We also plan out our food options, signature cocktails, and look of the party well in advance to make sure we have enough food and drinks for EVERYONE – because what’s a Cinco de Mayo-themed party without tacos and tequila? Yeah, we might be a bit extra, like buying eight pounds of guacamole, but let’s be honest you can never have too much guac.

More Guac Gif

Cheers to New Friends!

Two new food vendors…

Food and networking are always a big part of our JP parties and this occasion was no exception. While brainstorming about possible food vendors, the party team realized we had exactly what we needed to bring Cuatro de Mayo to life. The perfect taco truck, Ta Chingon, is owned and operated by a mom and daughter duo who happen to be related to Daisy on our account team! If you were in attendance, you know that the tacos and salsa were fire and provided much-needed fuel to keep us in full party mode. Their truck is regularly parked on the northwest corner of Olive & Clovis Ave so you can try them even if you missed out. You can also follow them on Instagram.

You know we can’t have a party without some delicious desserts to round out the menu. For this themed dessert option, we reached out to a new Fresno business, Sabor Sinaloa. This amazing company is also woman-owned and they provided fresh-made paletas and raspados that kept us cool and refreshed. You can find out more about catering and delivery options on their Instagram.

As always, a lot of great conversations happened around the bar, including the much-appreciated Margarita Man machines. From clients to media partners to friends of the team, all of us were hopping into new conversations and catching up with people we haven’t seen since the pre-COVID days. Sometimes the best get-togethers are the ones where we lose track of time because of all the amazing people we get to meet. So if you’ve never been to one of our celebrations, sign up for our newsletter to get updates on our next ones to join us and make new friends with great people just as we did!

Nacho Average Party

The party crew went all out to ensure the crowd of about 150 people was fed and happy when they jumped in front of the camera by having a full-on nacho bar and photo backdrop. You may have seen a few of these pop up if you follow us on social.

When all was said and done, we cranked up the music and got into clean-up mode while we reminisced about how lucky we are to be surrounded by such amazing people. Keep an eye out for our next invite and make sure to join us! You never know who you might meet or how much fun you’re missing out on.

Robin Montgomery, Account Manager & Christina Chan, Senior Media Buyer