2023 Experience Hope Event

Client Spotlight: Experiencing Hope in Fresno County

JP Marketing has been very fortunate to work with the Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health (FCDBH) for the past three years to help spread messages of hope and healing throughout our community. During this time, they embraced our unique ideas and tactics, including our pitch of a Ted-Talk-style event that involved an intimate and personal storytelling experience for those interested in mental wellness. This concept evolved over time and ultimately became “Experiencing Hope: Stories of Resilience in Fresno County,” a live event hosted by ABC 30’s Amanda Aguilar. The schedule revolved around a 90-minute documentary shot and edited by the FCDBH’s in-house videographer. This video featured various community members sharing their personal stories and journeys relating to mental health. 

Experience Hope Logo and Flyer

Our team at JP was in charge of planning, executing, and promoting this event with just a few months of lead time since the event was to take place in May for Mental Health Awareness Month. We handled everything from venue management and on-site signage to giveaways, refreshments, and more! Our creative team developed large posters of every speaker featured in the video to display throughout the venue. Then, to complete the theater experience, we added some complimentary popcorn and drinks, and a few giveaways, including t-shirts, lapel pins, gift cards, and more. Prior to the event, we coordinated a press opportunity for local media to come in and tour the venue and conduct interviews with staff and featured speakers.

“The event was really a success because of the Department and JP collaboration. The communications team at FCDBH created a beautiful video, managed the press, coordinated with the speakers, and provided staffing for the event. We made a great team, which resulted in a wonderful event where over 320 community members attended.”  – Michele Meisch, Client Services Director at JP Marketing.

Experience Hope Pamphlet and Flyer

We must give credit to the team at the Tower Theater, who collaborated with our team to help to answer questions and fulfill requests. Additionally, JP thanks the very talented Calvin Fleming of GoodPR, who we hired to assist in event planning and management. 

We look forward to future opportunities working with Fresno County to bring awareness to mental health challenges while reducing the stigma around mental health.