Groppetti Automotive Family shoot behind the scenes

Creating Content That Connects Customers

When it comes to marketing an automotive dealer group, it’s easy to get stuck in a price-and-item world. The Groppetti Automotive Family has been a client for more than 20 years, and part of the secret to its success is the sole focus on a great customer relationship, with zero interest in the bait-and-switch tactics of a typical car dealer.

Groppetti Automotive Family - Visalia Honda shot

In 2019, the Groppetti Automotive Family asked our team to take over its YouTube and social media accounts. We decided we couldn’t offer typical content for an atypical dealership group. We had to think beyond car specs, complicated discount offers and car walk-arounds. We needed to talk about the Groppetti commitment to building customers for life. That meant offering the best vehicle at the best value while ensuring the customer experience was a satisfying one. Imagine that: a car buying experience that wasn’t anywhere near as painful as a trip to the dentist! Serving customers is one of the most important aspects of the values ingrained within the Groppetti Automotive Family, and more specifically, servicing vehicles is one of the most important factors when you’re looking to ensure longevity and reliability of your vehicle.

Groppetti Automotive Family - Visalia Honda

When considering social media content for a service department, simply posting about everyday service hours and services offered can become monotonous, so we wanted to really dive into what topics would be useful for customers. We began the process of brainstorming content ideas by speaking with team members with their “boots on the ground” in the service departments every day. After putting our heads together, our team researched what dealerships have done that’s been successful as well as looking to see what content didn’t quite hit the mark.

Groppetti Automotive Family shoot behind the scenes

Groppetti Automotive Family shoot behind the scenes

Through this process, DIY Service Videos began! With these videos, we cover topics such as changing windshield wipers, installing car seats, checking motor oil, and more! The goal of these videos is to highlight the knowledge and expertise the service technicians bring to their work every day while also providing valuable tips to customers when it comes to the vehicle maintenance they may be interested in doing themselves.

Groppetti Automotive Family - Visalia Ford

Groppetti Automotive Family - Visalia Ford

Groppetti Automotive Family - Visalia Ford

This content is just one of the many buckets that we aim to fill each month with our social media calendars. Stay tuned on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for regular updates on the ways Groppetti Automotive Family is creating customers for life.

DONELLE SOROIS, Account Manager

TARA MONREAL, Account Coordinator

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