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Fitness While Under Quarantine

While it is undeniable the impact that COVID-19 has had on everyone’s lives, health and safety are still a top priority. Having our day-to-day lives disrupted leaves many people uncomfortable but having direct control over certain aspects of our lives can help. One of these aspects is our own health and fitness.

My normal routine of going to the gym was disrupted as COVID-19 caused all gyms to close to help reduce the spread of the pandemic. The gym was something I enjoyed doing that not only helped me stay physically fit but also was a space for me to clear my head. In the absence of that safe haven, I found myself anxious about how I can keep myself both mentally and physically fit.

As we are a month into self-quarantine, I wanted to provide some tips on your own personal journey of regaining control of your personal health and fitness.

Set a Routine

My own gym habit came about after I forced myself to go so often that it became second nature. Now NOT going feels weird. In the same way, I started making a routine at home of when I intend to work out. (My time is usually between 6:00 – 8:30 p.m. on weeknights.)

Set a System of Accountability

While we cannot work out with friends in the traditional sense, we can still keep each other accountable with exercising daily. Telling others of your fitness goals makes them real and creates a sense of not wanting to disappoint them. I have joined fitness groups where everyone tries to complete their daily exercise routine and encourages others to continue even on difficult days.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Tech may seem to be a hindrance to exercise (distractions from YouTube binges and social media), but there are also plenty of services designed to bring a workout class to your living room. A lot are free during quarantine and can be a great alternative to doing self-motivated exercises. Friendly competitions through smartwatches are effective in getting those steps in!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

It is important to give yourself rest days and know that even a long walk can be helpful to your physical and mental health. Creating habits takes time. Do not confuse a falter in your routine to a failure.

With these tips, I encourage everyone to continue to stay as active as you can. Stay safe and follow precautions such as wearing masks.

KEVIN GORDY, Account Manager