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#JPWinsight: Stepping Into A New Role

At JP Marketing, we like to acknowledge all wins no matter how big or small. So whether it’s nailing a client presentation or simply collaborating with other team members during a brainstorm, all JPeeps are encouraged to keep #JPwinsight at the top of their minds.

This mantra has really pushed me to reflect on some wins that I have accomplished since the beginning of the new year. January, especially, was a month full of growth and great development in my professional career. At the beginning of the year, my co-worker, Nina, was preparing for maternity leave and trusted me enough to manage her largest account: Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health (FCDBH). Nina had been managing this client since day one (and absolutely killing it, of course), so I knew I had some large shoes to fill. It wasn’t until she officially went on maternity leave that it hit me—I’m really stepping into a new role.

In just a couple months, I learned how to manage the day-to-day communication with my new client and team members on numerous campaigns, juggle different projects and stay updated on their progress, and lead meeting discussions. I also learned how to collaborate and lean on my team members for support and advice whenever I had a question. As stressful as it was at the time, being challenged out of my comfort zone led me to be promoted into the associate account manager role!

As spring approaches, FCDBH is gearing up for one of its biggest campaigns yet – Mental Health Awareness which is set to start in April. In my new role, I’ll be spearheading all of the marketing efforts that will be going into this spring campaign. With Mental Health being FCDBH’s biggest campaign of the year, I’m excited to see what other #JPwinsight comes our way.

CYNTHIA AVILA, Associate Account Manager