Intern-Spective: Confessions of a Copywriting Intern

Hello, everyone! I’m thrilled to be the newest member of our JP team–more notably, the first intern the company has had in the creative department!

So, let me introduce myself. My name is Hayden Gray. I serve as a copywriter intern at JP Marketing. In the midst of earning my bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Communications at CSU Fresno, I followed the footsteps of just about every college student before me: I shifted my career path. Today, I stand behind my decision of stepping out of my PR roots and venturing into the realm of advertising.

As a college student, it’s necessary to understand your strengths and weaknesses while discovering what you want to do in life after earning your degree. Being an intern is a trial run for the field in which you want to work. Being an intern in the marketing world is like being a kid in a candy store: full of opportunity and lots of sweets! Literally.

As my first month at JP comes to a close, here’s the inside scoop of life as a JP intern. These are the top three things I learned in my first three weeks!

No Two Days are the Same

Wholeheartedly, this may be my favorite facet of the job. Every day, new tasks come to me from a broad range of industries. I love having the opportunity to develop content with the team while giving myself the exposure to different sectors. In the past, I’ve tended to limit my work to agricultural-based specialties. Now I have the ability to tap into all industries whether it be health, automotive, education, environmental, etc.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our team pushes out work. Between meetings and more meetings, I’ve observed great collaboration throughout all departments. In my share of office experience, I’ve never seen a group groove so well together. Our company culture is what keeps the office flourishing. The work environment doubles as a friendly, interactive place where letting out a laugh or two is encouraged!

Shine Through Your Work

Work ethic is everything. The atmosphere curated at JP encourages and enables a strong work ethic. This motivates me to take initiative and complete tasks accurately and on time. Simply put, it’s inspiring to see so many people go above and beyond, jointly and individually.

Coffee, engaging projects and a fantastic team. I cannot wait to give you an updated intern-spective of JP Marketing. Check back for more!

HAYDEN GRAY, Copywriting Intern