Creative Exercise – Remaking Film/TV Posters

Every Monday morning, the creative team meets to go over projects for the week, share inspiration they’ve found online, and do a creative exercise. Why? Well, it gives the creative team a chance to break up client work and make something that is all their own. We need to keep the creative juices flowing, and that just won’t happened if you aren’t inspired.

(Side note: Yes, we get really busy and sometimes one or more of us doesn’t get to do the creative exercise for that week. We still try though…)

The exercise can be anything, for a while we were drawing pictures inspired by a word we found in a book; but lately we’ve been mixing it up a bit with new and a little more inspired projects. This past week, we were inspired by the minimalist movie/television posters that have become so popular lately. So we put some movies and TV shows in a bowl, drew titles, then went to work!

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