Create Your Home Away From Home With The Right Office Décor

Let’s face it – the majority of our time is spent at work, so who wouldn’t want their office to feel like an extension of their own home?  Without overstepping boundaries into a couch-potato-comfy home zone, there are multiple tips and tricks for transforming your office into the perfect combination of professional and comfortable. Here are a couple ideas to start creating your home away from home:

Create the best lighting. Studies have shown that natural light increases human productivity while eliminating stress and fatigue and even improving moods.  While natural light may not always be available, it is necessary to bring in other sources of lighting, other than the unflattering fluorescent bulbs that are standard in many offices. Lamps are always a simple and great addition to an office, and a cute, stylish way to spruce things up.

Bring in family photos. Bringing some framed photos of family or loved ones for inspiration is a great idea to make your office feel more relaxing.  A glance at your special someone, the kiddos, or your four-legged, fur friends may be just the pick-me-up you need to help push through your day.

Get creative with storage. Filing cabinets aren’t exactly the most attractive piece of furniture, so when transitioning your office from drab to fab, using these bulky cabinets as storage as well as stylish decor can be a simple, yet effective element to help create the look and feel you’re looking for. Placing cushions on top to create more seating, or tall vases with oversized vibrant flowers may be just the way to take your office up a notch.

Add greenery. It is known to most that fresh flowers and greenery can enhance people’s moods and uplift spirits, while creating a pleasant aroma.  Fresh flowers are always a fun and easy way to spruce up a dull office.  Purchase a great vase and swap out flowers weekly – it will be sure to brighten everyone’s day!

Incorporate soothing aromas. Smell – The most sensitive of our five senses. By using a candle with a calm, soothing scent, or better yet a diffuser (to eliminate any fire hazard), you can add another element to create an inviting office environment.

Productive places are inspiring spaces. By working in an office that balances the comforts of home with a business image, you’ll love walking into it day after day. And it will not only increase your productivity, but aid in your overall well-being. Start this year off right and create that fabulous, chic office that will have you looking forward to every workday.

Alexandra Cetti, Account Manager