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JP's Production Manager, Mark Lawrence, gives us some time management advice!

A Production Manager’s Perspective on Time Management

Time Management and Productivity There’s one thing that we all have an equal amount of within a day: time. 24 precious hours to not only


Websites: A Good to Great Guide

The entire web-building process can be simple in theory, but the thought process that happens behind the scenes is where websites are just okay or

2 dumbbells

Fitness While Under Quarantine

While it is undeniable the impact that COVID-19 has had on everyone’s lives, health and safety are still a top priority. Having our day-to-day lives

Five light bulbs

What #JPeeps See Trending in 2020

The year is 2020, you open your Instagram app, swipe right to your stories camera and browse the effects that can tell you which character

People working in office with laptops and scratch paper

Political Year Survival Kit

Here We Go Again …another political year that creates havoc for clients and media buyers alike. Every four years, we vote senior leaders into office.

Market Research

Why Research Matters

There are so many reasons to invest in research. Whether it is helping you understand the habits of your customers to determining who your customers


What JPeeps See Trending in 2019

That’s (almost) a wrap on 2018! With the holidays still in full swing, leave it to some of our forward-thinking JPeeps to give us a

project communication

Tips for Efficient Project Communication

Hello again! Welcome to part two of my series on the different types of communication in the marketing world. As noted in my last blog,


How to Beat AADHD (Agency Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

In this day and age, ADHD is a well-known problem that results in inattentiveness, impulsivity, overactivity. Coincidentally, this also describes a typical day at a


Six Steps to Survive PR Like a Survivalist

I love reality television. From the Real Housewives to Top Chef and everything in between, I will give almost any over-produced “reality” show a chance.

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