How to Beat AADHD (Agency Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

In this day and age, ADHD is a well-known problem that results in inattentiveness, impulsivity, overactivity. Coincidentally, this also describes a typical day at a marketing/advertising agency.

How Do You Beat AADHD

Being as we are in a generation of a digital revolution that has no signs of slowing, beating AAHDH is not an easy accomplishment. Every time we get distracted it takes an average of 15 – 20 minutes to regain focus. This includes the smallest distractions. Answering a text message, getting up to get water, changing your music, etc.

Studies conducted by interruption scientist, Gloria Mark, show that when people are frequently diverted from one task to another, they work faster, produce less, report significantly higher stress levels and frustration. Imagine the competitive advantage you could have if you were able to master the art of staying focus in a fast-paced environment.

I’ve worked at JP Marketing for a year now and I am constantly trying to learn new techniques every day to increase my productivity. One way I have been able to stay focused is to block out time on my calendar to focus on a task. I also allow myself to take quick 10-minute breaks in-between tasks.

There are many additional tricks I use to stay focused and on top of my daily tasks to avoid AADHD. Check out my list of tricks I use every day and see what works best for you.

Plan Your Day the Night Before

It will help you prioritize the most important deadlines to your less pressing issues.

Start Your Day Earlier

This will give you some quiet time to catch up on your emails before the majority of your clients are awake.

Create a To-Do List

And stick to it. I use Wunderlist for my day-to-day tasks. I refer to it every time I feel like my productivity is digressing and it really helps me get back on track.

Put on Headphones

This typically lets people know you are unavailable to talk and mutes some of the external office distractions.

So next time your coworker comes by and tries to tell you about Drake’s new diss track, politely put your headphones on and continue working. If you implement any of these tricks into your work life or if you have any further tips, please let me know.

Mariana Moberly, Account Coordinator