Analyzing data

Focusing on Research

Marketing research can take on many forms depending on the questions a client wants answered. One avenue is to gather qualitative data that may be more useful to the end organization. This was the case for Lennar Central Valley. JP Marketing was tasked with gathering qualitative data from potential homebuyers using focus groups to better understand the homebuyers’ needs and wants.

In addition, there was concern for how particular model homes were performing and if we could nail down what potential buyers look at the most when home shopping. While traditional surveying could be beneficial for specific questions, the niche audience we were targeting required a more intimate setting.


Once focus groups are the selected methodology for data collection, then the logistics of setting everything up begins. Conducting a focus group is an entirely unique experience in market research in that it is a mix of research and event planning. Variables such as date, location, time, incentives, who will be the moderator, and any amenities available need to be considered. Of course, working with people experienced in focus groups research is a huge help in making sure we consider all these factors to ensure quality participation and reliable data.

The Lennar Difference

Lennar was a fun project because we had some variables we could play with including access to the model homes in which to conduct the focus groups and having individuals in the market. Having the environment of a home is a huge benefit as it creates a comfortable environment for the attendees versus a, sometimes sterile, research facility.


As with all events, we needed to be ready for any scenario. While we originally planned for three separate research groups, we finalized two. We were able to get ideal numbers to attend both sessions and the discussions were fruitful! Setting up for recordings and transcripts allowed us to retain this information and produce a more thorough executive report that will steer Lennar in making educated choices as it continues to expand its footprint and floor plan options in the Central Valley. Check out the Lennar model homes to see how they stack against their competitors!

KEVIN GORDY, Account Manager