JP PR Team

My First Year at JP

Well, I did it…I made it through my first year at JP, and boy did it fly by! It was a year full of learning, achieving and of course, lots of fun! Take a look at the top three things I took away from year one at JP.

How to Be a Boss Lady


In my first few months at JP, it was amazing to see how much the company trusted me with tasks. Rather than micromanaging the process, they would give me the gist of the project and trusted me to execute it in a timely manner, while also allowing me to put my own creative spin on it. Do you know how empowering that feels?

In turn, I’ve gained a lot of confidence in the workplace and in my career overall. It’s one thing to be a boss lady, but it’s another for an employer to supply you with all the necessary tools and guidance to ensure you become one of the baddest bossy ladies out there.

How to Keep Creativity in My Routine


One of my favorite aspects of being part of the JP team, is all of the little extra activities we do individually, as a department and/or as a whole team. One of my biggest fears jumping into my, “big girl job,” was that I would lose touch with my creative side – something I value deeply.

I’d say after day one, one hour into the job, that fear dissipated. Whether it’s creating something digitally for a social media client or painting pumpkins, JP finds a way to supply our team with a variety of creative outlets for both professional and personal use.

How to Have Fun


If you follow JP on any of our social platforms, you’ll probably see lots of food, quirky activities and dogs…essentially all of my favorite things. It can get pretty hectic here with our workloads, but JP is great at reminding us to not let the stress consume us. Sometimes when you’re buried in work, the best thing to do is eat a taco or cuddle a dog – JP gets that.

In turn, these little breaks help rejuvenate the team and ultimately make us more effective and efficient at our tasks. I’ve even translated this into my personal life: don’t worry about the little things and allow yourself to have some fun!

To say my first year at JP was amazing would be the understatement of the year. It’s almost unreal how much I’ve learned and grown so far and I cannot wait to see what lies in the years ahead!

Katie Silva, Outreach Coordinator