Recycling in the Workplace

After watching Al Gore’s, “The Inconvenient Truth”, I’ve found myself co-spearheading a revamp in JP Marketing’s Recycling program, in order to make a change.

Why you ask? Well, the truth is shocking. Did you know, if you were to line up all of the plastic thrown away each year, you could take a trip around the Earth four times?! That’s close to 100,000 miles of plastic waste.

Although it’s incredibly easy to recycle, many people still fail to separate their waste into recyclables and non-recyclables. So what’s the best way to tackle this problem? Education. Our goal is to create awareness in the office and soon it should become second nature.

So, how can recycling help your business? I’m glad you asked! There are a number of different opportunities that your company can benefit from by recycling.

Lower Your Operating Costs

The more that you put into recycling bins, the less there will be in your trash cans. You may want to check with your city. But you can be charged less for waste management if you are able to reduce the amount that is produced in your office.

Save Your Business Money

You can also save money for new workplace purchases. For example, JP takes part in the HP Planet Partners Program, where HP recycles our used ink and toner cartridges for free.

Staples also has a program that rewards businesses for bringing in empty ink cartridges. You can earn $2 in Staples rewards per cartridge. This means you can turn your empty ink cartridges into money that you can use to purchase needed supplies for your office.

So what is your business waiting for?

Mariana Moberly, Account Coordinator