How to Create the Perfect Logo

Your logo helps build your brand identity. It inspires trust, recognition and admiration for your brand. It’s also how consumers can visually differentiate you from your competitors. Here is our process for creating the perfect logo.

Client Discovery

The first step of JP’s logo process is to have a conversation with our client. It is critical for us to take time to understand who our client is, the company values, their business practices and what they feel represents them as a whole. Through this process, we try to create an identity for the company so that we can get a mental picture of the voice and tone of their organization.

Market Research

Market Research

Market research is really two steps: competitive research and consumer trends research. We use data to make strategic decisions about the logo. As the agency, our job is to identify the target market, understand what appeals to that audience and to incorporate those elements into the logo.

Competitive research is critical as well. The logo design should be something different, that sets the organization apart from competitors. Knowing what the competition is or isn’t doing should also be considered when designing a logo.

Sketching & Conceptualization


Depending on the project size, we pull anywhere from three to eight designers to start brainstorming. Each designer has their own process, but typically they start with pen and paper to sketch different concepts.

Then, they examine visuals and keywords that relate to the organization. How and where the logo will live is also considered in this initial phase.

Drafts & Internal Refinement


At the draft phase, our team brings the logo concepts to life. The design team then narrows down the best concepts and creates the designs in Adobe Illustrator.

Our collaborative process also includes an internal regroup to review the various drafts from the design team. Our Creative Director, Art Director and Account Strategist will join the design team to reflect on the logo designs.

At this phase, tweaks and improvements are finalized.

Client Presentation


During the client presentation, we present eight to ten logos in black and white. Then we discuss the variations of font treatment and share our headspace for each design.

The goal of the client presentation is to have an open discussion with the client to examine which components they like and don’t like of each design and why.

Logo Selection & Production of Final Concept


After receiving client feedback, our design team refines the logos. At this stage, we have narrowed it down to two to three considerations.

Then, at our next client meeting, we present the updated logos for the client to choose from. This is where the client makes their ultimate selection.

After the final approval of the logo concept, our design team produces the EPS, JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats and the logo is applied to the organization’s brand identity.

And from there, our work comes to life.

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Kiah Tiftick, Account Manager