Facebook Pages are Getting a Facelift

It was just a normal Friday morning. I checked my clients’ Facebook pages, answered a few emails, and went to a meeting. About 20 minutes later, I revisited one of the Facebook pages and all of the sudden it was like a whole new world. The layout had changed! I proceeded to check the other Facebook pages to see if they all had the new layout, and sure enough they did. It was absolutely beautiful. Change is good, especially this change.

You may not be seeing this new format yet, but here’s a recap of what is new on Facebook desktop profiles:

Visible Cover Photo
A huge benefit to this new layout is that the cover photo is front and center. Your pesky profile picture and page description aren’t hindering your design. What does this mean for marketers? More use and flexibility when using a cover photo as a promotional tool. The profile picture is now on the left side where it looks like it belongs.

This is the new Facebook profile layout. The cover photo isn't covered in the corner by the profile picture anymore.
This is the new Facebook profile layout. The cover photo isn’t covered in the corner by the profile picture anymore.

More Prominent Call to Action
The call to action button is much larger now and is bright blue, which will hopefully bring more people’s attention to it. Up until this point, we haven’t seen a huge benefit in having a call to action so maybe this will change things.

New Tabs Layout
Have you added tabs to your page? They look different too! The tabs labeled About, Photos, etc. which used to be underneath the cover photo, are now on the left side underneath the profile photo.

If you didn’t have these tabs before, you might want to consider adding them right away because they are more visible on this new version. Users will easily see them on their desktop. From your Facebook page, users can click on tabs labeled Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to view all of your social media feeds! By adding your business’s social media feed to your page, your Facebook page turns into a social media hub.

Faster Insights for Managers
If you are an admin on a page, your weekly insights overview has moved. Look for it right below the call to action button to find this week’s post reach, engagement, etc. The actual Facebook page seems wider without the insights taking up space on the right hand side.

If you do have the new updated version, spend a few minutes roaming around your page to see the new layout. Do you like the new layout? Comment below!

If you don’t have the new version, Facebook will probably be rolling it out soon to everyone!

Alexa Ude, Account Assistant