Type Tuesday: The Letter E

This is the continuation in the series of designs based on the alphabet from our Creative team. Each post will include their designs and a peek into their process. Enjoy!

It’s definitely a tough act to be the one that’s following Bryan’s letter D, especially since the Type Tuesday blog was his idea.

I put my intimidation aside and started coming up with so many ideas on where I could take this project. I thought maybe it would be neat to do something in code or even photography.

But being a web designer/developer with no real training in illustration, I decided to take a stab at it. It’s something I don’t work on every day and thought it would be fun to attempt.

I was having a difficult time with the task of determining what to illustrate, so I decided to throw out any traditional ideas I had and go out of the box for this one. I decided to do something different and draw the letter E in the sign language hand sign. I had no idea what the sign looked like so I turned to a dear friend, Google.


#1 Once I Googled it, and found out what the sign looked like, to my surprise it wasn’t that exciting.

E Sign

#2 Wanting to give the sign letter a little twist… I thought it would be more interesting to do some sort of skeleton version of the hand sign. So I took a blue pencil that I found on Vicken’s Desk and a single piece of paper from the printer and got to work.


#3 To get it from my hand drawing onto Photoshop, I used a Wacom tablet, which I had never used before. It was a lot more challenging than I thought it would be. After a lot of battling with myself during the process I decided to cave and ask Bryan for some feedback. He made some effective suggestions that I applied to the overall shape of the palm section of the hand.

Considering I haven’t had real training in illustration and had never used a Wacom tablet, I think the final product turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. It may not look like an E to everyone, but it will to anyone who knows the American Sign Language Alphabet. E

Brandon Ocegueda, Web Developer/Designer

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