Type Tuesday: The Letter K

This is the continuation in the series of designs based on the alphabet from our Creative team. Each post will include their designs and a peek into their process. Enjoy!

On the last letter I designed, letter E, I tried to do an illustration, which has never been one of my strengths as a web developer. I decided to stick with a style I’m more accustomed to, a more modern flat design. With these types of projects, I tend to over think things. After going through many ideas, I decided to go with a geometric/abstract design for the letter K.


#1 I found a notebook with grid paper and started getting some ideas down. I wanted to create something with a Tetris-like feel to it.

imgres img_2278

#2 Once I had a general idea how the shapes will work, I took it into Illustrator and started to vector the project. I like to start my process in Illustrator because I’ve never been much of a pen and paper kind of worker. I tend to work faster in Illustrator because I can create shapes and move them around easily.


#3 During this process, I had the Tetris song in my head. I created multiple shapes that I thought could have been my final letter but I just kept tweaking and changing them. Somewhere in the mess that I created, I got a figure that I thought worked the best for this project. This was probably one of the more simple shapes.


#4 To put the final touches on it, I didn’t want to change too much. I liked the color and pattern I was working with. It reminded me of the soft blue color of grid paper, but in red.

The final tweak was adding some kind of background to highlight the figure. I gave it a simple treatment that added some dimension to the design without compromising the final Letter K.



I hope you enjoyed my process!

Brandon Ocegueda, Web Developer/Designer