Creative Highlight: Stalking A Tech Firm Pays Off



Client-stalking. Yes, it’s a thing.

When Decipher, Inc., one of Fresno’s coolest tech firms, emailed our office about a new branding project, I was beyond excited. I’d been stalking paying attention to the company for years, proud to have smart, global leaders just a few blocks away.

Late last year, the cool tech firm got even cooler.

Decipher offers quantitative survey technology in multiple languages for international companies like LinkedIn and Visa. In December 2014, Decipher made market research history by joining the worldwide qualitative market research firm FocusVision. Through mergers and acquisitions, FocusVision is positioning itself to be the global leader in comprehensive consumer research tools for the largest brands in the world. Now, they have both qualitative and quantitative research under one roof.

JP Marketing was hired to develop and implement a brand strategy and refresh for FocusVision and its eight product lines, some previously known as standalone companies, now transitioning to products through M&A.

Our brand-building efforts included

  • Logo development and preliminary trademark review
  • Naming and positioning statement recommendations
  • Development of brand guide (logo usage, color palette, typography, image direction, etc.)
  • Development of an icon-based design convention for the eight products and tools under the brand
  • Delivery of materials templates for internal versioning and usage

We worked at full-speed to learn the many facets of market research (and their clients) for their January 2015 announcement. Below is the before-and-after of the FocusVision logo refresh. First, our design team modernized the FV mark and font style. Then, they changed the brand colors from red/gray to orange/gray to represent energy and new life infused into the brand (that’s the short version of the design rationale).


These are the new product icons, shaped like iPhone apps, with specific meanings behind each and every graphic portrayed:

Product Icons with Text

If you’d like to learn more about Decipher and the other FocusVision products, watch the video its team created with the new branding:

Working with FocusVision is a complete privilege, and our work continues. We’ll showcase ad campaigns, a new website (coming soon), and more later on, so stay tuned!

Alisa Manjarrez, Brand Strategist