What The World’s Top Brands Have In Common [Infographic]

There’s no magical formula for creating a world-renowned logo. But the world’s top brands DO have a lot in common and it’s worth considering that when creating your logo.

For starters, don’t get color-crazy. Did you know that 95% of the top brands use only one or two colors? Color adds complexity to a logo. Having four colors in one logo can create visual clutter and make it hard to create a reverse logo. People remember color, so sticking to one or two colors helps your customer remember your brand long-term.

Think small. This doesn’t mean what you think. 93% of the world’s top brands can be viewed successfully on a very small scale. Simplicity is key. If you want your customer to recognize you from a mile away, you have to be legible on a very small scale.

Take a look at the infographic below, designed by Peter Carrion, for some more insights into the world’s top brands.


Logo Infographic-2