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Celebrating Women’s History Month at JP A Message from Jane It is nice to stop and reflect on women’s history and women’s place in business. When I first started JP

Reframeify - A blog post by Jane from JP Marketing

‘Reframeify’: The New Year Brings New Perspective at JP

A MESSAGE FROM JANE: “As we close the door on 2022 and start a brand new year, it’s always an opportunity to sort of re-inspire


Our picks for Best of Central Valley Business 2022

When it comes to acknowledging local businesses for their hard work and dedication, you can always count on us to join in on the celebrations!

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Let’s Go Outside!

Sun’s out. Not triple digits yet. Leaves are green and fruit trees are blooming. (Plus no mask mandates!) This is what my friend Doug Collins

2021 Year in Review

2021 year in review

It’s a Wrap! What better way to celebrate the end of this wild ride we called 2021 than with a song? Won’t you join us


The Blah Epidemic.

I’ve always despised the exchange that goes like this: “Hi, how are you doing?” “I’m fine, you?” The words literally mean nothing and likely fine


Confessions of a Trypanophobic.

Trypanophobia is an irrational fear of needles. I have this, but I have no idea why. My mom swears I had no weird traumatic incident


JP’s DNA Measured in Years

As I reflect on JP’s 26th Anniversary, I think about the 9,497 days of sweat and satisfaction in doing what I personally love to do.

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Open Workspaces Are What You Make Them

I can’t lie. I hate office cubicles. The thought of sitting in a closed-off, gray-walled space with little-to-no natural light seems like the best way

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It’s Budget Season!

Did I hear a groan? If you operate on a calendar year, you know that the minute Starbucks starts selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes that’s your

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