JP’s DNA Measured in Years

As I reflect on JP’s 26th Anniversary, I think about the 9,497 days of sweat and satisfaction in doing what I personally love to do. I consider myself lucky to have a great job, great clients and a great team. How has JP successfully navigated these years? I believe it’s due to our company DNA that can be found within two of our long-time employees: Jeanna Antonino (21 years) and Josh Durham (17 years). This blog is a tribute to them for their strength, tenacity and desire to learn that they bring with them to JP every day.

At the heart of JP are two core values: do the right thing and do whatever it takes. Those might seem dichotomous at first glance, so let me explain within the context of our philosophy “Creating Wins. Cultivating Relationships.” Doing the right thing means owning our part in mistakes or misunderstandings and then making them right. This can sometimes take a bite out of profitability in the short term, but we know it’s the best values-aligned strategy for us and for our clients. Doing whatever it takes means no isn’t a good enough answer. We might have to work nights and weekends, and there are times we have to push hard to make a client request come to life. Both of these core values support our competitive spirit, but it’s not a win at all costs if the expense is paid in relationships.

Both Jeanna and Josh embody these core values. JP would not be what it is today without the DNA they contribute to our company culture. I unequivocally could not have done what I’ve done without their unwavering support all these years. As I conclude my personal year of gratitude, I find myself deeply grateful for all they have given. Their contributions are truly incalculable.

JANE OLVERA, President & Founder