PureFresh’s Fuyu persimmon

Slice It, Bite It, Bake It — You Name It

Working with PureFresh’s Fuyu persimmon product was a two-part challenge: not only did we need to develop a new brand, we needed to educate shoppers on how you can eat these persimmons.

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Name’s the Same

Unlike traditional persimmons, the Fuyu variety are crisp and sweet; you can bite into them or slice them. So we needed a catchy name that said “Bite Me” (but, you know, more inviting).

After exploring names, one stood out: Simmis (pronounced see-mees). It’s simple, catchy and a palindrome (same spelling backward and forward): a designer’s dream. Most of all, the play on the name “persimmon” immediately identifies the product and sounds approachable as an everyday snack.

As you can see, our design team enjoyed working with this perfect palindrome:


See Me in Stores

Inspired by the product’s golden color, we used purple and gold throughout, which are complementary hues on the color wheel.

The Simmis bags are more in line with how you’d traditionally see apples packaged, which was intentional: we wanted to signal to shoppers that just like apples, you can slice or bite right into Simmis. The clear window also allows buyers to see Simmis’ attractive color, which enhances the overall look of the packaging.

We also used the bins as another way to educated buyers by including the directional tagline, “Take a Bite. Share a Slice.”


Slice of Life

With Simmis in season, our in-house photographer had the opportunity to take product photos in our studio. In addition to the standard glamour shots of Simmis, we also sliced and staged them on a salad and a charcuterie board. (Tip: they pair well with a soft cheese, like Brie!)

Landing Page

Serving Up More Tidbits

Our web team developed a fun landing page filled with tips on how to eat Simmis, plus key nutritional info. We also featured recipes to inspire shoppers to add Simmis in everything from salads to salsas!