Marketing (In)sight

When a global leader in research tech needed a brand refresh and new product rollout, we delivered a look that unified the new additions — and positioned the brand as market innovators.


Brand Together

First, we developed a brand refresh for the primary FocusVision logo. Inspired by the existing FV mark, we updated the look with a modern, balanced shape. We also developed a brand guide to provide direction for details such as color palettes, typography and image direction.

We then tackled FocusVision’s eight unique products and developed a suite of custom icons, all with cohesive design elements to unify the variety of services offered.


Looking Ahead

Our multi-purpose tool concept highlighted each of FocusVision’s products. The concept also accounted for the brand’s future growth: as FocusVision acquired new companies, more tools could be added, creating campaign longevity.


Shots Seen ‘Round the World

Our in-house photographer captured candid moments and created upgraded headshots of the company leads.

This new photography was not only featured in the refreshed collateral, but was also found at various FocusVision speaking engagements across the globe.


Trade Show

Face Time

In preparation for an upcoming trade show, we created a series of promo materials with Steve (one of the company leads) as the face of “Let’s talk Q + Q.” This Max Headroom-inspired look featured throwback elements, and the mailer included a pair of retro red-and-blue 3-D glasses to tease additional pieces.

“I truly appreciate the care and attention to detail that JP Marketing has provided throughout our entire relationship.”

Jamin Brazil – CEO at Focus Vision

Web Development

Thriller Views

With the 3-D glasses in hand, FocusVision’s audience was able to view our custom 3-D landing page. Once they visited the updated site, they could also watch a video we produced in 3-D, too.