Vast Networks

All the Rage

When Vast Networks asked us to brand its high-speed internet services, we had to get up to speed, too. From learning about 100% fiber networks to understanding that bandwidth is more than just business jargon, we immersed ourselves in its network — and developed a campaign that didn’t just cut through the clutter but burst through the screens.


What’s the Big Idea?

In our initial brainstorm session, we threw everything on the wall (minus our laptops). Knowing that branding is part art, part science, we considered the key benefits that separated Vast from the competition, and kept target demos in mind. We thought of fast connections, of a perfect world with no downloading delays.

Then we thought of a guy punching a slow-loading computer. It hit close to home. “It’s like having road rage…” Load rage.

Man punching computer designed by JP Marketing for Vast Networks

Photo and Video

Packing a Punch

To support the campaign theme, the primary Load Rage imagery has a gritty feel that stirs up a need to act. With this key inspiration piece in hand, we set up a custom photo and video shoot featuring talent that highlights Vast’s three key audiences. Filming them in full-on Load Rage mode was fun… and also cathartic.

Direct Mail

Fingers on the Pulse of Creativity

Thanks to our spot-on media department, we were able to pinpoint healthcare leads (CEOs, IT directors and managers) in the Central Valley who could use Vast Networks. Armed with a key direct mail list, we created custom boxes that included pulse readers, with the message that Vast can help prevent Load Rage and lower blood pressure. We also developed flip books for additional outreach efforts.


Smash Hits

To support the Load Rage digital, TV and radio campaign, our team launched a brand new website. Featuring updated, clean graphics and jargon-free copy, the new site easily communicates to target audiences the key advantages of switching to Vast. It also proved to be a great way to capture leads.