The Squeezed Way is the Better Way

In the fall of 2021, we branded Squeezed Juice, a new line serving 100% pure, California-grown pomegranate and mandarin – you guessed it – juice. We set out to create a brand look and feel that would differentiate from the concentrate crowd (did we mention Squeezed is always fresh with no additives and never from concentrate?)


Thinking Outside the Juice Box

Our design team looked at packaging opportunities from every angle. We brainstormed how they would look on shelves and what we could to do make Squeezed stand out. Since Squeezed Juice is all-natural, we used clear plastic bottles to show off the juice’s raw colors. For a cohesive look, we matched the simplicity of the bottles to the boxes.


Juiced Up

Bringing Squeezed to the masses meant creating a clean, user-friendly website experience, where retailers could easily find product information and get in touch. The site was designed to coordinate with the look and feel of the overall brand and we couldn’t be prouder of the result!

Launch Party

Shaking Up the Juice World

To help with Squeezed Juice’s launch party, our Art Director, Bryan pulled out all the stops to create a hand-painted and sanded wood installation. It served as a shelf, holding juices bottles, boxes, and an iPad with a slideshow of all design elements on loop.