SOLO 2013 - JP Marketing

JP Marketing

Logo Design • Graphic Design • Illustration • Public Relations • Social Media • TV Production • Website Design/Development • Photography


In March of 2013, we were introduced to the extraordinary Jack Wiegand who at 20 years old was setting out to break the Guinness World Record™ for the youngest person to fly solo around the world. We knew this would require a coordinated public relations and social media strategy and we had less than 60 days.

Branding a World-Record Breaking Trip

To support Jack’s mission, we designed a logo, developed a website, and created sponsorship materials and packages to procure sponsorships of more than $100,000.

Custom Paper Airplane Flyer

This customer paper-airplane flyer was designed to fold into an airplane with a similar paint job to the plane that Jack flew across the world in.

Raised $170,000 in Sponsorships

International Media Coverage

We coordinated with his instructors and flight crew to plan his global public relations efforts – which we managed in its entirety. His coverage grew exponentially when he was grounded in Canada due to a forgotten passport and we capitalized on that opportunity instantly fostering worldwide interest in his mission. Jack has received global attention and support totaling millions of impressions and fully funding his flight, plus an additional $50,000 raised for designated charities.