Improving Energy Efficiency, Boosting Savings

Looking to recruit California electricity consumers to join its free program, OhmConnect needed our help creating a campaign to inform the public about its smart technology that not only improves a home’s energy efficiency but also puts money back in the participants’ wallets.

This project has awards.


American Advertising
Gold ADDY: Integrated Advertising Campaign

Sleeping Appliances, Waking Savings

Power Nap

Using a mix of common mediums such as TV, radio, outdoor, and more obscure ones such as grocery carts and baskets, we were able to reach widespread demographics. At the same time, our extensive research allowed us to specifically target the digital messaging across multiple outlets from social media apps to streaming services.

The main campaign was our Power Nap concept – a visually interesting play on words where you are conceivably putting your appliances to sleep while earning rewards. This was complemented by customer testimonial ads where the savings could speak for themselves.

bed test-026
bed test-036

Making a Strong Impression

During the three-month pilot campaign, we delivered nearly nine million impressions with digital components delivering a cost-per-click of $24.72 with over 22k clicks. The result was a costefficiency that saved nearly 50% over OhmConnect’s previous customer acquisition costs when executing its in-house digital marketing efforts alone. The Power Nap campaign was awarded and recognized regionally with a Gold ADDY Award for Best Integrated Advertising Campaign.