Introducing NasoClenz™

Wash your hands. brush your teeth. Clean your nose. The nose is one of the main entryways for disease yet there are very few nasal hygiene products on the market. So when Silicon Valley Innovations (SVI) needed help branding and positioning a new product, we said bring it on. Together with SVI, our creative team brainstormed everything from name ideas to packaging. The client decided on the memorable and distinctive: NasoClenz™.

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American Advertising
Sales Promotion Campaign

Nasoclenz logo

Getting Serious About Nasal Hygiene

After positioning NasoClenz™ for the clinical and consumer markets, we developed a landing page filled with tidbits on how and why to use the product. We also included facts courtesy of SVI’s team of world-renowned medical professionals. Our goal was to bring a product to market that helps people lead happier, healthier lives.

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