Education For The 21st Century

In the summer of 2013, we rebranded Hesser College, a 100+ year-old educational institution that was transitioning to a combination campus and online school. The executive team selected the name, Mount Washington College. Then we set out to create a brand look and feel that would differentiate them from the crowded competition… on a shoestring budget.

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Integrated Campaign

Mount Washington College logo inspo

New College, New Hampshire, New Look

First up was the logo rebrand, taking inspiration from its region. The mark represents both Mount Washington and Lake Winnipesaukee. Connecting the two, the goal was to visually demonstrate our client’s connection between the students and the area they serve, with the abstract arrow representing forward movement.

Highlighting the do’s and don’ts, this was designed so all college departments and partners could easily follow the guidelines, keeping all work uniform to create a synergy of consistency.

Mount Washington College Brand Guide
Mount Washington College Business Card

Mount Washington College Drew

Not Too Cool For School

Hiring an LA talent to connect with our specific target demo, Dru (the new voice of the college) was positioned to personally connect with our audience.  Using common vernacular, coupled with quick read icons that were both informative and engaging, the welcoming approach was greeted enthusiastically by our demographic.

Unique collateral designs, including this collateral piece with a locking flap, got our audience’s attention.

Mount Washington College Icon creation
Mount Washington College Brochure

Knowing that our audience gets its information from video resources more so than any other medium, a video campaign was developed building on the likability and trust established with our new spokesperson.

Mount Washington College Flow chart

Mount Washington College Drew leaning on wall

Extending this concept, Dru also gave tips in a corresponding social campaign that promoted online education.

Mount Washington College 2+2=4

Dressed For Success

The new logo worked nicely on apparel designs, with an increase in apparel purchases seen almost immediately… and what better marketing than that worn proudly by our current and former students.

Mount Washington College Tie
Mount Washington College hoodie design

Online, and on Time

Given a tight turnaround for going live, we put together an all-team, all-court press to get the website up and running in record time.  Designed to coordinate with the look and feel of the overall campaign, we couldn’t be more proud of the result (especially since web hits increased exponentially!)