The cost of essential medications has skyrocketed nationwide, leaving many middle-class individuals who make a decent income and pay for insurance to decide between life-saving health care and standard household expenses. The County of Santa Clara stepped in to support this “missing middle” population with a first-of-its-kind program called MedAssist. However, people needed to enroll for this needs-based program to work.

Our initial objective was to reach a total enrollment of 1,000 participants within a few months, which was crucial for the program’s success. We quickly got to work developing cohesive branding, focusing on the messaging and logo design. Our first big push for a digital campaign produced so many enrollments that we needed to pivot from a leads-generation campaign to a clicks-based campaign, sending individuals directly to the MedAssist application. In just under four months, our team helped surpass the initial goal of 1,000 enrollees, bringing in an additional 748 enrollees on top of the 375 generated by the County over the program's first two and a half years.



County of Santa Clara, MedAssist Program


Branding, Digital Marketing and Advertising, Public Relations


“I have worked closely with the JP team for the last four months and have been impressed with their ability to provide strategic direction and smart solutions while under intense timeline pressure to deliver results. You will find the JP team to be responsive in their communication, strategic in their thinking, and creative in their work product.”

Narinder Singh, PharmD, MBA
Director of Pharmacy, Santa Clara Valley Healthcare