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This campaign was developed to help LENNAR® Homes, a nationwide home builder, launch a whole new concept in housing: a home within a home whereby multi-generational living could easily be accommodated.

Targeting Multigenerational Families Through Direct Mail

How do you explain a completely new housing concept that nobody has ever seen before? With the actual floor plan, of course. As part of the California launch in Fresno, we decided the best way to sell the innovative new product was to show it through a series of direct mail pieces and print ads.

2,644 Visits to Welcome Home Centers in Three-Day Period

We developed custom icons for the television spot to highlight the many unique features of a Lennar home.

"More people have reported seeing and liking our ads - two from friends and one stranger who recalls our name and our product in the same breath… we hit pay dirt!"

Susan Wilke, VP Marketing & Sales Lennar

2013 PRSA Campaign of the Year

We staged a full, multi-media campaign (spanning three days prior to Halloween) simultaneously at five model home centers in four central California counties. The grand opening weekend festivities included refreshments, enter-to-win opportunities, free pumpkins for families, and free activities, giveaways and harvest-themed photos for children.