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Eat, Drink & Create with Guy Fieri

A special kind of marketing magic happens when we design for taste buds. So when Johnny Garlic’s, a restaurant created by Guy Fieri, came to us with branding, logo design and digital marketing needs, we were hungry to get started. Learn more about our collaboration with Guy, the Food Network star with a love for bold flavors, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

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Guy Fieri Headshot
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Get to Know Guy

We visited Johnny Garlic’s Brentwood location to get a taste of the restaurant’s vibe. Since this location was the template for the new franchise, touring the space was essential to knowing Guy’s personality — and a key ingredient in our branding and marketing efforts for the restaurant’s seven locations.

Guy signature on wood block
Two Johnny Garlic's drinks
Johnny Garlic's Drinks
Johnny Garlic's brand guide setup


Cookin’ Up Consistency

Our creative team updated the existing Johnny Garlic’s logo while still preserving the integrity of the overall look and feel. We looked at the existing type and cleaned up the logo mark, and provided a secondary “Guy” logo.

We also created a style guide — a key element when developing or updating any brand. The Johnny Garlic’s branding guide serves as a “road map” when using logos, typography, colors and pieces that make the “Guy” brand consistent across all marketing materials.

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Guy Fieri Sauce
Johnny Garlic's Drink menu
Johnny Garlic's menu


Today’s Special: Award-Winning Design

With a locked-in logo and branding guide, we designed a variety of collateral pieces that captured the feel of the restaurant. We created an award-winning menu design, followed by table tents and print ads.

Our in-house photographer also captured shots of the dynamite interior and our freshly designed menus and table tents in the restaurant environment. And of course, we photographed Guy’s funkalicious dishes for use across a variety of materials.

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Online Orders

In addition to multiple print pieces, our team dished out the company’s first digital marketing strategy. From eblasts and digital ads to theater promos and a strong social media strategy, we successfully implemented Johnny Garlic’s digital efforts.

Johnny Garlic's email marketing

Events & Outreach

Well Done Book Signings

We topped off Guy Fieri’s marketing by promoting two book signing events for the release of his latest cookbook, Guy on Fire. We coordinated local radio morning show interviews and promoted Guy’s events through newspapers, social media and eblasts.

The results? The two book signings sold 374 of Fieri’s cookbooks, outperforming the former book signings where the stores sold a combined 244 books. Fieri also saw more than a 50% increase in book sales compared to the previous year.

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book sales growth compared to previous year

Johnny Garlic's book signing.
Johnny Garlic's book signing
Guy on Fire book