Fowler Packing

Pick of the Bunch

Whenever we get the chance to work with people who view their work as an art form, we’re all in. Fowler Packing’s passion for farming inspired us to take creative risks not typically seen in the produce industry. Our collaboration revealed that dedication to your craft is always in season.

Red, green, and black grapes
Sketching on ipad.
Sorbet Icecream
A+B Graphic
Grape outline icon


From the Ground Up

We started by reviewing Fowler Packing’s existing look and researching the competition. While most produce brands take a more traditional approach, we recommended a modern, high-end feel that stands out on crowded shelves.

This new branding is anything but low-hanging fruit: it reflects the consistent quality shoppers can expect.


Thinking Onto the Box

With Fowler Packing on board with a bold new look, we then tackled packaging for its grape varieties.

Knowing that they’d be placed next to the more traditionally designed competition, we decided to own that unconventional space on the shelf. We designed sleek, black boxes and black labels — a cool, modern look that jumps out at shoppers.

Green, red and black grape packages.
Grape Box template file
Green Grapes in clamshell
Grapes in box
Owners looking at mandarins in field.
Peelz 3 lb packaging


Fruit of the Zoom

Our in-house photographer toured Fowler Packing’s facilities and captured candid moments of longtime employees, and documented the step-by-step process of growing and packing the highest-quality fruit.

We also staged high-end product photos and took an artistic approach to detailed shots in the orchards and vineyards, with incredible close-ups of soil and fruit to highlight “The Art of Farming.”

Green Grape photo on white background
Picking up dirt
Holding Green Grapes

Trade Show

Apple to Oranges (& Grapes)

As Fowler Packing prepared for an upcoming trade show, we faced the challenge of making it stand out from industry competitors.

Inspired by the company’s sleek and modern facilities, we took the Apple approach and went against the grain (literally). Rather than fruit in woodgrain boxes, we showcased the produce against a backdrop of clean lines and polished metal. This look positioned the fruit as high-end products worthy of undivided attention.

Samsons Trade show mockup
Samsons magazine ad.

“I truly appreciate the care and attention to detail that JP Marketing has provided throughout our entire relationship. I look forward to working together on even bigger projects in the future!”

Justin Parnagian, CEO at Fowler Packing Company

Website wireframe.

Web Development & Video

Once Upon a Vine…

We understand the value of telling a brand’s story in a genuine yet intriguing way. Lucky for us, Fowler Packing made it easy to do both through its new website.

In addition to new photography, we incorporated video throughout the site to reflect the company’s innovative technology. With a focus on compelling imagery over lengthy copy, we highlighted Fowler Packing’s inspiring story and dedication to the art of farming.