Black Infant Health

Improving the Odds for Black Infant Health

The Black Infant Health (BIH) program has been fighting to improve birth outcomes for black women and their babies since it began in 1989. In 2021, despite its established history of offering culturally affirming support and resources, many referrals to the BIH program still relied on word of mouth. To overcome this challenge, our team at JP Marketing utilized detailed geo-targeting and strategic media buying to launch an awareness campaign that increased referrals and helped BIH reach more black mothers than ever before.


Boosting Awareness

Our creative team produced newsletters, billboards, radio spots, and video content for use on digital platforms, as well as web and social ads. Campaign messaging paired the empowerment-focused philosophy of BIH with the simple, heartwarming imagery of new and expecting black mothers and their babies.


Sharing Stories of Empowerment

We carried this message into a series of testimonial videos featuring past BIH participants and their babies. Kimmoni Lawrence, Vaunshaie Brown, and Tyler Martinez spent a day in the park with the JP team, sharing their pregnancy stories, the impact of BIH, and encouraging other black mothers to join. Their interviews were a key component of our campaign, allowing us to amplify their voices to resonate with our audience authentically.


Targeted Support

Our media team launched a geo-focused media strategy with a self-referral component that allowed viewers to submit an information request through online platforms. By tapping into a network of micro-influencers across the state and playing testimonial videos on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Hulu alongside relevant content, they were able to spread awareness precisely where it was needed the most.


Resources. Support. Sisterhood.

At the start of this campaign, our goal was to increase referrals to BIH and help connect them to as many pregnant women and mothers within the black community as possible. Overall, our campaign outperformed estimated lead volume by 216% and cost per lead efficiency at 68%. In other words, the team at JP Marketing delivered more than 30 million total campaign impressions resulting in over 3,000 program referrals. And we couldn’t be happier with the results!