OLIVER GREENBARG | Motion Graphic Designer

Simple is good." - Jim Henson

As a Motion Graphic Designer, Oliver strives to design a product that’s both meaningful and compelling. He brings a fresh approach to our creative team that stems from his love of animation and art.

Oliver loves to create and make things move on screen, especially when it can move people and impact their lives. His experience in animation, motion graphics, logo design and branding, custom lettering and typography allows him to find purpose in every project. His self-taught passion for animation began at age 12, and the rest is history. Oliver has extensive knowledge of multiple motion graphics software programs, strong attention to detail and he delivers visually engaging work to clients on time. Oliver uses his design background as a base to work outside the box and elevate any creative element. And while he has a deep appreciation for the technical side of art, he is fond of going back to basics with a good ol’ pencil and paper as the foundation of his designs.

Crafting purpose-driven hand illustrations, Custom lettering and typography
Logo Design, Animation

Notable Clients

  • City of Fresno, Department of Public Utilities
  • Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health
  • Fresno County Department of Public Health
  • PureFresh
  • Dairy America
  • Keenan Farms
  • Fowler Packing Company

2016 Award of Excellence, Fresno State Graphic Design BFA Program
2015 Gold ADDY, Poster, “Pump It Up”

Strengths: Relator, Responsibility, Adaptability, Belief, Achiever

  • Oliver’s dream house includes a separate garage solely for the expansion of his bicycle collection and maintenance area.
  • He enjoys flexing his creative muscles – one time he even hand-chiseled a Tiki head out of stone!
  • Want to hang out with Oliver? Then you’ll need to love sim racing video games as much as he does!