Aidan Fitzgerald | Administrative Assistant

Always forward, never straight.” - Louis Standifer

Aidan Fitzgerald is our dedicated Administrative Assistant who is enthusiastic about forging connections and offering support to the team on various tasks. She has a knack for keeping things organized and paying attention to the nitty-gritty details that make the office run like a well-oiled machine. Currently enrolled online at Arizona State University pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology, she is excited to bring her unique behavioral science wisdom to the agency.

Aidan has a passion for helping others and truly believes that humans all have at least one thing that they can bond with, so having people that she doesn’t enjoy being around doesn’t happen very often. Outside of work, you’ll find Aidan unleashing her creativity through painting, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, or immersing herself in all things pop culture.

Strengths: Learner, Input, Strategic, Relator, Achiever

  • Her love for the ocean runs deep! As an ocean enthusiast, one of her favorite experiences has been snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.
  • Aidan has a true passion for art and pop culture, particularly cinema, Sci-Fi, and music.
  • Aidan aspires to open a psychology practice focusing on non-traditional therapy methods once she earns her degree from Arizona State University.

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