Fresno’s first-ever National Garlic Festival & Food Expo

Going All Out for Garlic

Fresno’s first-ever National Garlic Festival & Food Expo There are two types of people in the world—people who think there is no such thing as

Black Infant Health - JP Marketing Creative Highlight

JP Creative Highlight: Improving the Odds for Black Infant Health

Turning Awareness Into Impact The statistics related to black infant mortality in California are disheartening. Decades of anti-black racism and various social and economic factors


Heads Up on Growth Marketing Opportunities

If you work in marketing like me, you’ve been head down, keyboard smoking, back to back zoom calls, and little time or ability to look

Cuatro de Mayo Party at JP Marketing

May the Guac be With You! Cuatro de Mayo, JP Style

Come On Lady, 8 Pound Guac It’s a long-time tradition of JP’s to have a Cinco de Mayo-themed party. We look forward to our margarita

The Road Trip Research Thumbnail

The Road Trip Research

When Jane popped her head over the half wall separating our two desks and said, “Gotta second?” I had no idea what was in store.

Explore Valley Gardens shout out blog

Let’s Go Outside!

Sun’s out. Not triple digits yet. Leaves are green and fruit trees are blooming. (Plus no mask mandates!) This is what my friend Doug Collins


You keep saying that word…

I distinctly remember a music awards show around 2000 when during an acceptance speech the rapper Eminen stated that something was “dropping.” I had never

JP Originals Series - Wrap Up blog - Jeanna, Jane, and Josh sitting while interviewed

JP Originals – Series Wrap Up

Concept Angelica: From humble beginnings to big wins, we all love a good how-it-began story. When we pitched the concept for the JP Originals video

Addy awards won by JP Marketing

(Don’t mind us) Just Adding to Our ADDY Collection

JP won gold! Well, actually, we won five Gold ADDYs at the American Advertising Federation in Sacramento. The ADDY Awards are the world’s largest advertising

JP's Production Manager, Mark Lawrence, gives us some time management advice!

A Production Manager’s Perspective on Time Management

Time Management and Productivity There’s one thing that we all have an equal amount of within a day: time. 24 precious hours to not only

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