JP Originals Series - Wrap Up blog - Jeanna, Jane, and Josh sitting while interviewed

JP Originals – Series Wrap Up


Angelica: From humble beginnings to big wins, we all love a good how-it-began story. When we pitched the concept for the JP Originals video series, we wanted to tell the story of JP Marketing’s beginning from the perspective of those who were there from the start.

Alex: JP Originals began with the intention of wanting our audience to hear JP’s origin story while also highlighting the unique perspectives from some JP’s first team members: Jane, Jeanna, and Josh.


Angelica: As the story goes, the very beginning of JP Marketing was just “Jane, Paul, and Adobe PageMaker in a one-bedroom apartment.” But for our President and Founder, Jane Olvera, the real catalyst that sparked the creation of JP happened years before when a guidance counselor told her she would never own her own business. These are the untold stories we set out to capture when we began filming.

Alex: From our setup to how they entered the frame, our team made sure to introduce each JP Original in a similar yet unique sequence.  Josh began his interview by pouring himself a drink, Jeanna with her laptop kept busy in the conference room, and Jane walked down the JP office with confidence. Once filming began, I saw through the camera how each individual lit up when recalling their beginnings. As I sat only 10 feet away from them, I could tell how nostalgic a game boy would have felt to Josh, a dial-up connection to Jeanna, and a pager to Jane.


Angelica:  Presentation was key. Our team interviewed the JP Originals from three different departments and worked together to develop a template for the series that created a cohesive style while still leaving room for personalization. Our goal was to tell the stories of Jane, Josh, and Jeanna in a way that would resonate with viewers even if their interests were not specific to marketing.

Alex: We had creative freedom with this project. Editing was the best – as well as the hardest – part of this process. An editor doesn’t always know what direction an interview is going to go because it depends on the subject and how passionate they are about what they’re talking about. Thankfully, we did not have that issue. Jane’s story set the tone for the rest of the JP Originals series. Sitting in the editing room for hours, recounting each of their stories and dissecting each phrase to weave together into an inspirational story was time-consuming but worthwhile.

That’s a Wrap!

Angelica: Here at JP, we do everything with heart. The JP Originals Video Series is no exception! Today, these three videos are among our highest performing in terms of social media engagement. We combined three inspiring interviews with creative visual direction. The resulting series is a glimpse into the leadership, resilience, and culture that has made JP Marketing the agency it is today. As we said before, everyone loves a good origin story.

Jane Olvera — President & Founder


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Jeanna Antonino — VP of Operations, Partner


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Josh Durham — Technical Director


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Alex Carrillo, Video Coordinator, and Angelica Hernandez, Copywriter/Producer