These Are a Few of Our Favorite Memes 🎶

Memes— we love them, we laugh at them, and sometimes we create them. We don’t browse and tweak memes all the time (okay, maybe a few hours a week), but a meme or two have been known to spark some creativity at JP. And nothing brings a team together like a good laugh over Drake memes, or that cartoon dog engulfed in flames saying, “everything is fine.”

Meme - Meme Marketing is far better than normal marketing according to Drake

Now onto the fun part!

I’ve compiled a few JPeep’s favorite work-inspired memes floating around the internet.

  1. Dillon
    Dillon’s pick is a handmade meme for all of us in the office. There’s nothing funnier than photoshopping our Production Manager, Mark’s head onto Forrest Gump’s because he runs around managing ALL projects. Literally.
  2. Tara
    This one’s a nod to all the account managers out there. So when you see an account manager sitting at their desk like this, don’t worry, they’re probably just emailing a client.
  3. Oliver
    Oliver loves a good, dry joke and this one’s no exception.


  1. Tina & Eric
    The media team couldn’t pick just one, so I give you three relatable marketing memes. IYKYK.

  2. Hayden
    I found this one riiightt as I was submitting this blog. And it’s too perfect not to include.

I hope these memes brightened your day. If you have a favorite marketing or design meme leave a comment below or tag us on Instagram @JP_Marketing

Hayden GrayCopywriter