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New Year, Same Us?

Why’s it that the New Year must always come with clichés? The number of times I’ve seen the caption ‘new year, new me’ has me wondering if I’m a realist or just cynical.

Now hear me out, I’m all about becoming the best version of myself, but why do we only hold ourselves accountable on the first of January? When the ball drops are we really all that different? Why not just plan to make changes when we want?

Well— we can. We can try to be our best selves every day— 24/7/365. So if you’re starting late on your fitness resolutions, want to put in more effort at work or read more; go for it. You haven’t missed your chance. Goal setting is healthy, but we should hold ourselves accountable throughout the year, to avoid failure. As long as you finish strong your pace is irrelevant!

We can make new goals, start something new and experience a change of pace all year round, not just when the confetti falls at midnight— and then maybe our resolutions would last longer than the bubbles in our glasses. Heck, I’m writing this new year’s blog mid-January when I could’ve said “Better luck next year!”

So if you like new year’s resolutions and they work for you, great! And if you’re like me and think we don’t have to pressure ourselves; that’s OK too. Maybe we can all agree to stop with the ‘new year, new me’ mottos? If not, maybe we can use ‘new year, same me’ which I’ll admit is just as bad.

No matter our good intentions, it’s the end goal that matters. Like this finished blog.

Hayden Gray, Copywriter