Facebook rebrand to Meta

Facebook, Meta and the Metaverse: What it Means for Marketers

Well, it’s official, Facebook has a new name. Let’s talk about it.

What’s Meta?

After hours of scrolling the internet, I dove into the ‘metaverse’, so you don’t have to. Long story short- Facebook is now Meta.

But Facebook isn’t technically changing its name. Facebook will remain a brand to the parent company, Meta (aka the big guy who oversees all brands, apps, products, etc.). The name represents the company’s move further into the metaverse- the idea of a shared virtual reality that people can access through different platforms. Think augmented reality, like this-

Virtual Reality headset

The Reason Behind the Change

According to a letter published on Meta’s blog, this rebrand aims to reflect the company’s new concept of ‘metaverse’ and encompasses the future of technology. Skeptics suggest the rebranding attempts to divert attention away from recent Facebook internal troubles. Others think the rebrand is part of the company’s transition from being recognized as just a social network. But regardless of the reason, this “next chapter” of the internet means big change for your brand/ marketing team.

New Facebook rebrand — Meta Logo

A Work in Progress

Now, what does this mean for marketers? Meta is so new, so the end result will likely differ from what’s currently on the drawing board. But like everything else in this biz, it’ll make us pivot. The skills that most successful marketers have today may not be the ones needed in the next 10 years.

Marketers will need to be tech-savvy (more than they are now), imaginative and creative. From targeted marketing to fully virtualized brand experiences, brands will begin exploring a realm with no bounds. No matter how Meta evolves marketing, it will likely prove to be a vibrant new channel. These are exciting times for brands as we journey into the metaverse.

Hayden Gray — Copywriter