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Farm Facts: Grow Brand Grow!

Sowing Seeds The Seeds of Change

With over a billion users, standing out on Instagram can feel like you’re a needle in a haystack. So how do you increase your reach in the algorithmic-feed world? Refresh. Your. Content. For Farm to Shelf, that meant sowing seeds of (content) change.

OK enough with the ag analogies— our team of experts upped their social game by developing a series of refreshing posts.

Farm to Shelf, our home-grown initiative works to bring more growers to local, regional and national shelves. After years of growing brands for the farmers who work to clothe and feed our nation, it was time for a full-scale refresh.

Farm Facts

To create this thumb-stopping content, we introduced Farm Facts. As the name implies, Farm to Shelf’s popular Instagram series highlights relatable and educational ag facts from coast-to-coast.


Farm Facts pull facts from different industries (dairy, livestock, veggies, etc.) to connect with viewers of all backgrounds. Our team of designers create animated, memorable graphics to increase engagement and show off our creative solutions. Farm Facts even uses industry related hashtags (like #myjobdependsonag) to get more eyes on content.


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Hayden Gray, Copywriter