A Website Makeover with Purpose and Pandas

A Website Makeover

Here at JP, there are very few things we love more than a good makeover. And a website redesign is the best way to present your brand to the world.

Imago is an online learning platform that offers complex and constantly changing curriculum designed to support emotional intelligence learning. They were ready for a revamp of their site and we were ready to jump in! With a lot of collaboration and iteration, we gave weareimago.com a makeover that not only looks good but also streamlines the user experience. Want to get in the weeds? Here’s a rundown of our tweaks.


Keeping their brand identity in mind, we decided to leave out a homepage. Instead, the site goes directly into their main service. We got right to business with engaging and thoughtful content, so viewers could see what Imago is all about!


We refreshed the content structure and copy, allowing users to more quickly find what they’re looking for. We also created a new blog page designed with students in mind. Students are encouraged to develop skills at home, work, online – basically anywhere except the traditional learning environment.


Using the psychology of color and Imago’s existing brand palette, we incorporated hints of chartreuse, denim and cabaret throughout. For a little black & white, we added Panda, Imago’s unofficial mascot, to the footer of each page. Pandas represent strength and peace, symbolizing the desired outcomes of emotional intelligence training.

Behind the Scenes

Imago’s old site was built on Joomla. We wanted to make the site highly customizable, so we ditched the old platform and used latest WordPress instead. With the help of HubSpot, we integrated scripts to keep up with lead systems and analyze data.

Two rounds of revisions and five months later, the new site was live just in time for back to school. We wish Imago continued growth and success at a time when students across the country need this type of training more than ever.

Hayden GrayCopywriter