5 Tips for Reconnecting with Customers

Now “Re-Open:” 5 Tips for Reconnecting with Customers

After more than a year of tiered restrictions and limited capacities, we’re finally experiencing California’s Great Reopening. Due to our well-established results only work environment which accommodates remote work, business continued as nearly normal during COVID-19, we’re eager to help our clients and friends reconnect with their customers.

Have All The Answers

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s to plan for anything. Keep in mind any concerns your customers may have once you’ve reopened. You and your employees should be able to answer questions about safety, masking guidelines or what you’ll do if someone at your business tests positive for COVID-19. Be ready for these questions and confident in your answers, and you’ll build trust with new and existing customers.

Give The Loyal Treatment

Im kind of a big deal 

“Be the first to know…”

“Shop our early bird sale…”

“Get VIP access…”

Who doesn’t love invites like these? Consider your grand reopening an opportunity to reward your ride-or-die customers. Whether it’s a chance to book an appointment early, early access to products or a bonus VIP discount, it pays to reward your top-tier customers with the 5-star treatment.

 Don’t Ditch Digital

Just because you can replace FaceTime with actual face time doesn’t mean you can totally log off. You’ve likely spent the past year connecting with your customers through email updates and social posts. They’ve gotten to know your brand through these platforms, so don’t go dark on them now! Maintaining your strong online presence will help you retain and gain followers. Plus, existing customers who aren’t quite ready to step into your business will appreciate your continued digital communication.

Stand Out From The Crowd

What a difference a year makes. Before you start promoting your reopening, review any marketing assets pre-2020. See any ads with boisterous crowds? How about messaging that just feels “off?” We’ve become so used to seeing small groups and masked faces that older advertising efforts may feel out of touch. Consider creating new marketing materials that feel fresh… you know who to call.

Pivot, Pivot, Pivot!

Pivot! Pivot! Pivot! 

We’ve all had to adapt in countless ways during the pandemic, but we’ll need to continue flexing our flexibility muscles after the Great Reopening. Let your loyal customers take the lead in how they respond to new protocols and products. A lot has changed in a year, so meet them where they are — both in what they feel comfortable with and their newfound buying habits. You can do this by maintaining dialogue with your regulars or quick email surveys.

As you stock up on sanitizer and prep for more patrons, keep in mind how you can maintain your customer relationships both in person and online. Whether they’re longtime clients or new friends you’ve made during COVID-19, how you continue to reach out to your base is worth giving some extra thought — because every interaction matters.