Intern-spective: Grab Some Popcorn and Get Ready to be Motivated

Wondering how watching a movie or reading a book can help you prepare for a career in marketing? Well, in reality it won’t. But some narratives have the power to inspire you in ways you’ve never thought of. Want to move up in life or your career? Chick flicks and a good page-turner may not be the solution to your problem, but these will give any young professional a thought process to follow.

Here’s a list of the top movies, books and apps all young professionals should be familiar with.


A Star is Born (2018)

Trust your gut and take risks. This message isn’t just in the movie, it’s expressed through production too. The film was created because Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga took a risk. Cooper took vocal lessons and learned how to play the guitar while Lady Gaga stripped away from her iconic, bold look. Together they poured their heart and soul into something they believed in. I’ve found that playing life safe is the easier route, but some of the greatest rewards come from throwing away comfort.

The Internship

What would you do if you found yourself jobless and unable to cope with digital modernization? Giving up isn’t an option and that’s exactly what ‘The Internship’ is all about. It’s a story that shows the journey of two middle-age guys who compete with younger, more technically skilled applicants for an internship with Google. They remind you that it’s never too late to learn something new (and always stay tech-savvy).

The Devil Wears Prada

As an assistant to the most hated woman in fashion, Andy begins to realize that the job millions of women would die for may just kill her. The movie shows you that sometimes you must set aside your pride and work hard to prove your worth. Andy teaches us to work tirelessly until you achieve the position you deserve. As a young professional, this is an important life lesson that will take you to great heights.


Make Your Bed by William H. McRaven

This book was gifted to me three years ago and hasn’t left my nightstand since. Ten life lessons are displayed through the eyes of a retired navy seal. They’re simple lessons that deal with overcoming obstacles, but each is equally important. Make Your Bed will encourage you to pursue your goals and show you that success is a combo of individual willpower and mutual support. My favorite lesson is Failure Makes You Stronger.

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be by Paul Arden 

This book will give you a feel for the world of advertising by forcing yourself to look inward and ask the tough questions. Why do I strive for excellence? What’s my definition of creativity? The book acts as a guide to making the most of yourself and your creative work.

PS: You can finish this one in an hour or two.


Stay up on the trendiest apps. And no, I’m not talking about the latest Tik Tok dance or LinkedIn connection. “Productivity” is one of my favorite categories in the app store. I’m a sucker for any tool that promises efficiency and allows me to check off boxes in my head.

Dashlane – Keeps track of passwords, so you never have to forget one again. 

Pocket – Lets you save articles and videos so you can “read it later” and never lose an important item. 

Ted Talks – Offers access to the library of Ted Talks and is a great way to discover new subjects.

Anti-Drowse – Makes sounds to keep you awake. The noises are unpredictable so you can’t fall asleep in a textbook or at the wheel.

I hope these movies, books and apps help you prepare for your journey into the career you’ve always dreamed of. Remember, keep learning!!

HAYDEN GRAY, Copywriter