Re-Opening Businesses POST Shelter In Place

During these challenging times, adjusting to a new norm isn’t easy for confused employers and displaced employees. If you need help finding a job or advice on how to put the right processes in place to re-open your business, our client, the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board (FRWDB), has the resources to help you do both! In fact, since 2002, the Fresno Regional Workforce Investment Board has been quietly and successfully connecting employers to job seekers. We thought now was a good time that they weren’t so quiet about it.

FRWDB works to provide services that will ensure people find jobs and that businesses have access to a skilled workforce. Over the past few months, we’ve been working with FRWDB and its human resources consulting firm to craft campaign messages that will not only help businesses navigate through re-opening but also help job seekers find their way back into the workplace.

When FRWDB first came to us for help with its marketing and outreach, COVID-19 and its implications were in the very early stages. However, we quickly realized that situations were changing every day. So, how do you create a meaningful campaign in an ever-changing world? You change with it.

The Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board funds the Business Services Center that offers many services to Fresno County businesses at no cost. Now more than ever, we wanted to make sure our local businesses were in the know about these services and how FRWBD can help keep Fresno County businesses open and employees safe.

When we began creating messages and assets for the FRWDB Business Services Center, we wanted to make sure we equipped businesses with tools that could be easily accessed. We worked with Human Resource Attorney, Paul Bauer, on a six-week video series where he gave advice to businesses on a weekly basis after COVID regulations were changing.

Our ads directed businesses to the local Fresno HR Hotline. This hotline provides FREE consultation services with an HR professional standing by to answer any questions a Fresno County business owner or HR director may have regarding employees and COVID-19 regulations in the workplace. We also created an infographic that answers a few FAQs that have been the most asked questions through HR Hotline calls.

In addition, we created social and digital web ads to target job seekers to the FRWDB One-Stop Centers, where residents of Fresno County can find job opportunities, and prepare to get those jobs, at no cost to the individual.

There is no better time than now to take advantage of the free expert resources available through the FRWDB. If you are a business owner and you have questions regarding your employees returning to work, call the local Fresno HR Hotline at (559) 230-4062. If you are an individual looking for a job in this new norm, visit https://www.workforce-connection.com/contact-us/ for the nearest One-Stop Center location where help is waiting.

CYNTHIA AVILA, Associate Account Manager