Intern-spective: Juggling Three Jobs After College

We all know the stress of having one job, now multiply it by three. Yes, I just described my life…. It’s been a hectic ride but enjoyable and worthwhile. Here are some of the events that have led me on this journey: an inside scoop on how I manage and how it has prepared me for the real world.

As a first-generation Latina, I have been taught that hard work and dedication are the pillars of success. Growing up, I witnessed my parents juggle multiple jobs as they struggled to provide the best life for my siblings and me. Their hard work and dedication have impacted my life in such a way that I am open to taking on multiple responsibilities in order to one day make their sacrifices worth it.

Now that you know the reasons behind my drive, let’s talk about the inside scoop of my busy schedule.

Like many college students, I juggled my time between jobs, internships, and the workload of a full-time student. My schedule consisted of going between work and school while interning and volunteering at the same time. After college, the pressure to find a good job was on! I decided to keep my first job during the hunt for a full-time job in my marketing field. Within a span of two weeks, I was offered a job at a startup and got a call from JP. I knew right away that I couldn’t let the opportunity go to waste, so I decided to go to my first interview at JP. One interview turned into two and soon I became JP’s newest account intern.

So, what is it like to juggle multiple jobs?

Well, let me start off by saying STRESSFUL! Sometimes I feel like a chicken without its head, running around from one job to the next, checking emails, attending meetings, and making sure work is turned in on time. Let’s be honest… being that busy can take a lot of time, effort and can stress out a person. Whenever I tell people I work three jobs they are surprised and definitely think I am a workaholic. While in a sense it can get messy and stressful, being busy keeps me task-focused. It isn’t always pretty, but I love the satisfaction of overcoming due dates and projects I thought I would never accomplish. Having multiple jobs has taught me how to prioritize what is truly important while remembering to enjoy the little things in life.


Here are some tips on how I manage my part-time jobs:

  1. Be open with your employers about your schedule. If you are juggling between multiple jobs or school, make sure your employers are willing to work with your schedule.
  2. Check your calendar and get organized. I like to check my calendar either really early in the morning or the night before to see what my schedule will look like and how I need to prepare for the day ahead.
  3. Write down your To-Dos. I use a task list that has all of my to-dos for the upcoming week so I can prioritize tasks that are due soon.
  4. Listen to good music. Going from one job to the next can be stressful but good music relaxes the soul! On my drives, or when I want to destress, a good playlist will have me ready to accomplish the next task.
  5. Use free time wisely. I work hard but I also play hard. I love to just relax with family and friends and enjoy my time off whenever possible. Do something that makes YOU happy! 

So how do multiple jobs help me in the real world?

Well, aside from monetary benefits, having multiple jobs has allowed me to broaden my network, gain a broad range of skills and has allowed me to explore different areas in my field.

  • Network. You may be tired of hearing literally every person you meet tell you to NETWORK! Broadening your network allows you to find job opportunities and make new connections. For me, many of the connections I have made have become my mentors or colleagues. You never know who you will meet or who can end up being your boss so get their names, ask those questions, and be ready to put yourself out there!
  • Going from working at restaurants to an office, to now working at a marketing firm, I can honestly say all have taught me and continue to teach me many different sets of skills I am able to use for the rest of my career. Some of the skills I have learned thus far are communicating effectively with co-workers and customers, taking responsibility for my actions, managing my time efficiently, and learning how to adapt to different people and work cultures. Putting myself in uncomfortable situations may be scary at times but learning and mastering what I was once afraid of makes it all worthwhile.
  • Being open to new work experiences whether that is through internships or different jobs, allows you to pursue a variety of interests. Luckily, I was able to work multiple jobs at the same time, which helped me gain experience and explore my options. This may be a good idea for those who don’t know what part of your field you would like to work in.

Nonetheless, I am grateful for all the opportunities and experience I have gained through working several jobs at a time. I can wholeheartedly say I am ready to put my time and effort into one full-time job. My advice: GO FOR IT! No one is perfect and it doesn’t hurt to explore your options. Whether you have one job or multiple jobs, you got this!