"Creativity takes courage, throw caution to the wind" office mural

How to Get Creatively Unstuck

Our job – our calling – is to create. So when we’re feeling stuck, how do we keep going?

Our creative team has continued to collaborate virtually, and more recently, in person (just with a little more distance between us). But even in “normal times,” sometimes creativity takes extra work. So I asked a few designers how they continue to stay creative especially when they’re in a rut or feeling uninspired.


Web developer Dillon believes in unplugging – “getting out of my head and moving.” Sometimes, that includes walking away from the screen. “If I’m stuck on a design or feeling demotivated, stepping away from the computer for a bit to play drums or guitar can help clear my head,” he said.

Find Space

Senior graphic designer Vic believes in cultivating a space in your house that’s primarily for artistic endeavors. “Working from home is cool, but it’s all about making sure you have a space that’s reserved for creativity.”

And if it goes unused? He offers an analogy that hits a little too close to home: “It’s equivalent to an elliptical machine in your spare bedroom that’s converted into an expensive clothes hanger.”

Just Keep Scribbling

When all else fails, we put pen to paper.

“I sometimes just force myself to be creative,” Vic said. “It’s like saying, ‘I don’t wanna go to the gym today.’ But a bad workout’s better than nothing. This will help you stay creatively limber.”

Graphic designer Oliver agrees. “I’ve always loved doodling stuff in my sketchbook with no purpose in mind – it helps inspire new ideas.”

Like designing, there’s something about putting pen to paper that’s always helped me with writing. It requires more undivided attention, more unfiltered thought. With no delete button, who knows what fresh ideas will emerge?

It reminds me of one of our office murals: Creativity Takes Courage. Throw Caution To The Wind.

Perhaps that’s the secret to getting unstuck: ignore life’s “backspace,” lean into the blank space… and embrace what could be.